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Puerto Galera
Puerto Galera , MIMAROPA, Philippines
Sabang Cost
Phone: +63 0917 361 0772 / 0943 323 6992
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Service type: Boat transportation
Service name: Father in Son shipping Lines
Service Description: How to get there in Puerto Galera:

FSL Blue Penguen has the biggest boat named, with an authorized capacity of 150 passengers.

How to get there in Puerto Galera:

Puerto Galera White Beach is just 3 hours away from Manila, You ride to batangas port, which is about 90kms away or 2 hour\\\'s driving distance from Nichols/C5. Take the last exit of the Star Tollway and just go straight, following the signs to Batangas Port.

The total toll fee is P306, broken down into SLEX (P214), SLEX extension (P25) and STAR Tollway (P67).

The boats to Puerto Galera are stationed in Terminal III of the Batangas Port.
There are three boat operators to consider: Gallerian (Blue Boats), Father & Sons (Yellow Boats) and Minolo (Red Boats).

Compay Phone No:
Working Time: PUERTO GALERA TO BATANGAS,Blue Penguin Shipping Lines Boat, (Blue penguin shipping lines from muelle pier to batangas 1h00 trip.

BATANGAS TO SABANG & MUELL, Blue Penguin Boat: blue penguin from batangas and stop to sabang 1h00 trip, and from sabang to muelle 10minutes trip.

Company phone: 0917-361-0772 / 0943-323-6992

Schedule,5h00, 5h15, 5h30, 5h45, 6h15, 6H30, 7H00, 7H15, 7H30, 7H45, 8H10, 8H25, 8H45, 9H00, 9H35, 10H00, 10H30, 10H45, 11H15, 11H30, 11H45, 12H00, 12H35, 12H45, 1H05, 1H30, 1H45, 2H00, 2H30, 2H45, 3H00, 3H30, 3H45, 4H00, 4H15, 4H30 etc.

BATANGAS TO WHITE BEACH,Blue Penguin Boat, (blue penguin from white beach to batangas 1h45 trip. Schedule, 7h00, (Monday,Sunday,& Holidays only)
8h00, 9h00
10h00, (Only during Sundays & Holidays)
12h00, (Only during Sundays & Holidays)
2h00, (Only during Sundys & Holidays)
4h30, (Only during Sundays & Holidays)
5h00, (Only during Sundays & Holidays)
Location: Puerto Galera , MIMAROPA, Philippines
Name: Father in Son
Last name: Shipping Lines