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Puerto Galera
Puerto Galera , MIMAROPA, Philippines
puerto galera or, mindoro
Phone: +63 043 722 1448/ + 043 287 3614
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Service type: Boat transportation
Service name: Boat to Mindoro

Upon arrival in Batangas pier, go to Terminal 3 and find the ticket booth of the ferry going to Puerto Galera.

Puerto Galera has 4 major points of entry, namely, Sabang Pier, Muelle Pier, Balatero Pier and White Beach. If you are going to Sabang, choose the ferry that will go directly to Sabang Pier. If you are going to White Beach, make sure that the ferry will go to White Beach.

There are many shipping companies plying the Batangas-Puerto Galera route.

The maximum capacity of an outrigger ferry is up to 120 passengers. The ticket costs FROM 250 to 280 pesos, one-way only. There will also be extra charges which will costs up to 80 to 100 pesos-

The first ferry trip from Batangas to Puerto Galera is at 7:30 am during the normal season and every hour thereafter, one or 2 ferries depart until 4:30 pm which is usually the last trip to Puerto Galera.

If you happen to disembark at the wrong pier, there are tricycles that you can hire to bring you to the resort of your choice.
BATANGAS TO Calapan, 2go boat (2go ferry from Batangas pier to calapan 1h00 trip.

Company phone: from calapan (043) 288-3179 and from batangas (043) 723-8227

Schedule, 6h30, 8h30, 10h30, 12h30, 2h45, 5h00,6h30 etc.

CALAPAN TO BATANGAS 2GO Boat, (2go ferry from calapan pier to batangas 1h00 trip.

Schedule, 4h45, 6h30, 8h30, 10h30, 12h30, 2h45, 5h00 etc.

BATANGAS TO PUERTO GALERA, Minolo Shipping Lines Boat,(minolo shipping lines from batangas to muelle pier 1h00 trip.

Company phone: from (BATS) 0917-8392608 / from (BATS) 0916-6054887 / from mulelle, 0916-6871678 / Tel no, (043) 287-3608 / from white beach, 0916-2074747 / 0915-4945323 / MSL office tel no: (043) 287-3614

Schedule, 5h00, 6h00, 6h30, 7h00, 7h15, 7h30, 7h45, 8h00, 8h30, 9h00, 9h30,10h00, 10h30, 10h45,11h30, 11h45 etc.

PUERTO GALERA TO BATANGAS, Minolo Shipping Lines Boat, (minolo shipping lines from muelle pier to batangas 1h00 trip.

Schedule, 5h30, 6h15, 6h55, 7h30, 8h20, 8h55, 9h30, 10h30, 11h10, 12h30, 12h50, 01h45,3h30 etc.

WHITE BEACH TO BATANGAS, Minolo Shipping Lines Boat, (minolo shipping lines from white beach to batangas 1h30 trip.

Schedule,6H00, 7h30, 10h30,12h15, 1h00, 3h00, 4h00

BATANGAS TO SABANG & MUELL, Blue Penguin Boat: blue penguin from batangas and stop to sabang 1h00 trip, and from sabang to muelle 10minutes trip.

Company phone: 0917-361-0772 / 0943-323-6992

Schedule,5h00, 5h15, 5h30, 5h45, 6h15, 6H30, 7H00, 7H15, 7H30, 7H45, 8H10, 8H25, 8H45, 9H00, 9H35, 10H00, 10H30, 10H45, 11H15, 11H30, 11H45, 12H00, 12H35, 12H45, 1H05, 1H30, 1H45, 2H00, 2H30, 2H45, 3H00, 3H30, 3H45, 4H00, 4H15, 4H30 etc.

BATANGAS TO WHITE BEACH,Blue Penguin Boat, (blue penguin from white beach to batangas 1h45 trip. Schedule, 7h00, (Monday,Sunday,& Holidays only)
8h00, 9h00
10h00, (Only during Sundays & Holidays)
12h00, (Only during Sundays & Holidays)
2h00, (Only during Sundys & Holidays)
4h30, (Only during Sundays & Holidays)
5h00, (Only during Sundays & Holidays)

BATANGAS TO SABANG, M/B Lady Rhealaine Express,(m/b lady rheaaine from batangas to sabang 1h10 trip Company phone: 0917-834-9554

Schedule,9h00, 12h00, 4h30 etc.

SABANG TO BATANGAS, M/B Lady Realaine Express, (m/b lady rheaaine from sabang to batangas 1h10 trip Schedule, 5h45, ( free coffee), 10h30, 2h00 etc.


Company phone: +63 0916 442 7936 / +63 0905 383 9079 / +63 0916 444 6605

From batangas stopping at white beach (1h00 trip), and next stop at tamaraw (5minutes) and last stop talipanan (5minuts)
Schedule, 5h15, 5h35, 6h15, 6h45, 6h50, 7h30, 8h00, 8h20, 8h45, 9h30, 10h00, 10h30, 11h00, 11h30, 12h00, 12h30, 1h10, 1h45, 2h15, 2h35, 3h00, 3h30, 4h00, 4h30, 5h00, 5h00 etc

From talipanan stopping at tamaraw (5minutes) and next stop white beach (5minutes) and last stop batangas 1h00 trip

Schedule, 6h15, 1h05, 7h30, 8h00, 8h15, 8h45, 9h15, 10h00, 10h30,11h00,11h30,12h00, 12h30,1h00, 1h15, 1h45, 2h15, 3h15, 3h45, 4h15, 4h30, 5h00 etc

lines.from batangas to balatero puerto 1h10 trip.
Company Phone no: +63 (043) 723 6980 / 0917 597 1133 / (043) 723 8294 / 0905 811 0149

Schedule: 10h00, 8h00 etc

From, balatero puerto to batangas 1h10 trip
Schedule, 6h00, 4h00 etc

Company Phone no: (BATS) 09204756938 / 09228237827
(CALAPAN) 09329693915 / 09321505905
From batangas to calapan 2h05 trip

Schedule,12h30, 2h30, 6h30, 7h30, 9h30, 12h30, 3h30, 5h30, 7h30, 9h30 etc

From calapan to batangas, 2h05 trip
Schedule, 1h30, 3h30, 6h30, 9h30, 10h30, 12h30, 3h30, 6h30, 9h30, 11h30 etc
Location: Puerto Galera , MIMAROPA, Philippines
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